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We are professional headhunting company, enthusiastic about sports and aware of the particular requirements that competitive players and regulating bodies in sports have.
Still within a creative and digital setting, we work in mid and high level roles in agencies as well as client side on marketing and more commercial sides of an advertising agency. Each leadership role contributes to the company’s success by aligning its services with the diverse needs of clients and candidates across different sectors and geographic locations.
We search for executives in the sports industry. Our specialty is executive recruitment, which is searching and recruiting elite leadership candidates for your company. Presidents of sports teams, CEOs, and general managers are a few examples of such positions. Our focused strategy promises that we identify executives with an excellent background of accomplishment, in-depth knowledge about the sports sector, and a passion for advancing your company. We can find outstanding sports executives anywhere in the world and meet local demands because we are a global recruitment agency with local operations.

Allow The Talent Boom to assist you in creating a successful team and unleash your leadership potential.

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Why choose the Talent Boom?

Our personalized and proactive executive recruitment services, led by our experienced team, ensure the perfect match between candidates and companies. We excel in the all five aspect of recruiting (B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B, and H2H) attracting top-tier talent, including those not actively seeking job opportunities.

As executive recruitment agencies, we offer vital services to creative, digital, advertising, and media industries, connecting businesses with elite talent globally. From management to C-level positions, onsite, expat, hybrid, or remote roles, our team, led by the Managing Director and General Manager, offers tailored recruitment solutions to meet clients’ needs.

The Talent Boom is the top pick for global, creative and digital recruitment. Led by our Executive Creative Director and Global Creative Director, we provide personalized, proactive services for outstanding results. With Emily Keyes, our Founder, bringing over 16 years of acclaimed headhunting and entrepreneurial expertise, we’ve connected top talent with leading companies like Audible, Amazon, and NBA.

At The Talent Boom, our personalized executive recruitment guarantees access to elite talent worldwide. As a requiting agency, we tailor solutions, emphasizing Human2Human recruiting for top-tier candidates. With expertise in creative, digital, advertising, and media sectors, we deliver exceptional results. Our unique blend of headhunting and social media strategies, overseen by our Chief Marketing Officer and VP, Marketing, ensures superior candidate sourcing. Additionally, we offer business coaching and mentoring by Emily Keyes for successful scaling.

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