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The Talent Boom is a Global Creative and Digital headhunting firm located in 4 continents – North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. We work with some of the worlds leading brands, Advertising Agencies, Fortune 500’s and scaling start ups to make the perfect match.

What makes us stand out?
We’re a boutique executive recruitment agency where we focus on a personalized, pro active approach to make matches with elite talent and leading companies worldwide. We constantly strive to keep the Human2Human element of recruiting alive.

Our Global Recruitment Connections

We were born in 2012, founded by British award winning headhunter, Emily Keyes. The Talent Boom’s HQ was in South Africa and from there, the recruitment firm expanded into Europe, UK and US. The Talent Boom team around the globe recruit at their finest when they thrive on different cultures, countries, challenges and talent.

To date, The Talent Boom has successfully helped companies looking to hire talent in over 50 countries, from US to Japan, across management to C level and for onsite, expat, hybrid and remote positions.

True to our roots, whether you are around the corner from our EU team in Germany, across the street to our UK team in London, or across the pond to our US team in New York, or across the miles in Hong Kong, we will partner with you as your virtual recruitment neighbour to help you find your next superstar talent. 

We are a top international recruitment executive search agency with expertise in a variety of sectors, cultures and countries, so we created The Talent Boom to focus on the international creative and digital recruitment market and serve companies that are serious about finding high-end talent.

Headhunting is all about working with people. It’s a Human2Human business that an app can’t replace. We work closely with our clients to find the perfect candidate who is not out there in the market. The majority of talent that we place with clients will not be on a job board or applying for roles. We target them for you. 

We’ve made matches with companies such as Audible, Amazon, AKQA, VaynerMedia, Semrush, NBA, DAZN, Innocean and more. 

Will you be next?

Global Networking & Executive Search Recruitment

We’ve created the perfect blend of headhunting and social media recruiting for the past 12 years in order to find top candidates before any one does. As a leading independent international recruitment firm, we don’t find job seekers in the traditional manner. We also love to collaborate with the advertising industry and attend conferences, events as well as be part of creative and business awards as Judges. And because we are a personalized team of headhunters, most of our talent use us during their career – either as clients or candidates & work with The Talent Boom exclusively. Which means, your competitors would be unlikely to come across your new hire, if you worked with us because we have such a solid and select network.

Other recruitment agencies may continue with the old method of using job boards, but we are aware that very few “in-demand” talent would spend time putting their CV/portfolio onto a job board. Also, why pay for a luxury recruitment service if they are not pro-active enough to hunt for the next best talent? That’s where The Talent Boom comes in!

We’re a small team but we mean big business. Our headhunters and talent management team has just the right amount of people to afford the privilege of working hand in hand with top companies around the globe and offering our clients and candidates the best experience for hiring

Our Founder, Emily Keyes

Emily Keyes is an award winning headhunting professional with over 16 years experience. 
She founded and bootstrapped The Talent Boom in 2012 and proud of the fact that the company still does not have or want any investors or even a line of credit. She built The Talent Boom with extremely limited funds and eventually turned a one band operation into a multi million dollar profitable business year on year.

As an expat herself, having lived in three different continents and now located in US, she’s extremely passionate about global talent hunting as well as entrepreneurship.

Emily is a contributing writing for Entrepreneur Inc and has also been featured in a variety of press worldwide. Emily was also recently cast as a business judge and mentor for a US TV show, which will be airing in 2024, where she mentored and coached over 80 small businesses and start-ups across the US.

Due to popular demand, she has now opened her services as a business coach and mentor to talented people looking to scale their businesses. Her coaching program, The Global Business Coach, is aimed at new entrepreneurs as well as executives looking to hit over $1million salaries within the finance, tech and digital industries.

“I get it – you are a pro in your chosen field. Your skill set is what you should focus on. Whether you are opening a small business in retail or a tech start up, I will help guide you along your journey of entrepreneurship, filling in the gaps from branding, sales to how to position yourself and your contracts for your new business.” EK

To find out more about Emily’s coaching services, check here: www.theglobalbusinesscoach.com 

The Talent Boom is a top global recruitment agency, was set up to match the best creative, digital, and advertising talent with the most awesome companies around the globe. We operate as an international recruiting agency and partner with most of our clients as a virtual recruitment neighbour, finding local or international talent to help grow and develop your creative business worldwide. Finding you talent, is our talent. Fact.




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The CIO Today publication has been giving out awards to various businesses. Click the link to this article to learn about our CEO, Emily Keyes journey.

I’m honored to have received an award and be featured as: “Most Trailblazing Female CEO Redefining Leadership, 2023″ – Emily Keyes



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