You’re Laid off? Now What?

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This Month’s Headlines:

Amazon to lay off 10,000
Meta lays off 11,000
Twitter lays off almost 4 000
Disney’s hiring freeze and job cuts looming

What is going on?
Now, wait…let’s just take a step back for a minute.
Review, reset and take a step forward.

So, you’ve been laid off, now what?
We get it, it can be scary, but this can also create an opportunity.
First, do not panic! And don’t feel ashamed. This is not about you, it’s about the business and the economy.

There is help out there and yes, there is work to be found and doors to be opened. It’s important during this time to not rush into any hasty decisions, not while your mind is full, or you’ve gone into survival mode. Moving forward needs a clear mind, focus, clarity, and vision. Go into focus mode! It’s time now to be more aware and to be productive.

Here are some tips to help you get on your way:
First, remember to take care of your health. Get sleep, exercise, work on taking some time to relax (but not too long), and focus on good nutrition. You need to be healthy, positive, and have good energy for your journey ahead. And remember, this is a temporary setback.
Write the pros and cons of your last few jobs and have a clear image of what you want moving forward, think about whether a big tech company is a right next move for you. Why not look at the option of a smaller start-up, or a boutique, independent company where you are more than just a number or your ID Badge?
Evaluate yourself and your opportunities with a SWOT analysis. What are their/your Weaknesses, Opportunities (Options), and Strengths?
During your time of searching, network as much as you can, go to events, join business networking groups, and speak to friends and family for further insight.
Now it’s time to refresh your resume and your LinkedIn profile.
Use this time to up-skill. What type of company, or who would you like to work for going forward? Do you have the skill set for what they demand or what you want to do?
Research the industry that you want to enter or the market that the industry caters to.
If it’s a specific company, learn as much about their business as possible and start connecting with key individuals on LinkedIn as well as head-hunters and recruiters. Start knocking on some doors, you never know the power of connection, and sometimes, just asking.
Build up your personal brand to show that you are an in-demand talent. Believe that you add value and are worth the right opportunity.

Amongst all these layoffs, there are fantastic companies out there looking for talent. We are working with a few of them and still hiring, reach out to us for representation!
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