Why Should Companies Always Be Open to Headhunters?

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Yes, recruitment and headhunting agencies are luxury services, but have you realized that you will expand your network using their network? Amongst other benefits, using a headhunting agency filters out candidates, who simply don’t have the right skills for the job.
Today, we would like to look at 5 top reasons why you should be using a headhunting firm.

Access to the best candidates
If you use an agency, you’re statistically more likely to access the best talent. We have knowledge that you only get from years of working in this sector. Traditional recruiting agencies will work their way through a host of job applicants picking the best candidate out of these people. We, on the other hand, recruit from those who are not job hunting as we want the best talent for the role, not the best out of a long list of job seekers.

 Sometimes, your requirements might be very specific.  They might be so tight, that you need an expert who understands the candidates in your niche and has a database of them to call upon.  In this instance, using an agency means that only candidates who are fully qualified for the role will be shortlisted for the position.  A headhunting firm will manage the process for you, only approaching suitable candidates and managing any queries about the role.

Save time and Money
Using an agency will reduce the time and in-house resources that you need to dedicate to recruitment or headhunting.  It can also be quicker than hiring internally and save your business time and money. It should also lead to a quicker turnaround on filling the vacancies, which in turn leads to increased efficiency of the organization.
Headhunters assess talent and negotiate the offer, so businesses don’t have to.
We build solid relationships with our clients. As we strive to understand your business and goals, we will hire the best people in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Industry expertise
If as a hiring manager you need to get an expert opinion about and knowledge of current recruitment legislation, you should make the recruitment agency your first ‘port-of-call’.
The agency will know all the relevant requirements and legalities surrounding the industry they’re in. A good headhunting agency will offer specialist recruiters for specific industries as we do.
Partner with an agency that understands your industry and they will offer industry-specific knowledge of market trends, salary levels, and the skills required to be successful in your industry.
We as industry-specific headhunters also have access to skill-specific candidates.

Enable business growth & innovation
Using an agency takes the hiring pressure off, letting companies focus on their core business. If you build a relationship with your recruiter, they can help your business grow and strengthen.
At The Talent Boom, our specialist recruiters work with companies of all sizes, from innovative start-ups to large multinationals, providing recruitment services, and outsourcing services.
Using a headhunting agency means you find the best talent, and you receive support to maximize your business’s potential.
Good agencies don’t just provide people, they provide talent and support to help businesses grow.

We at The Talent Boom have a select network from years of business representing talent that are professionals in their industry. These candidates get recruited and are specifically represented; they don’t job hunt.
A select few of our top ‘C’ and board-level talent have worked with our headhunters for years. Through our transparency, we have built trust and long-standing relationships, providing the best value and talent to our clients.
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