There’s One Fundamental Reason Why Companies & Talent Use Headhunters

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Hi! I’m Emily. Founder and CEO of The Talent Boom, a global creative and digital headhunting firm.

The market is crazy right now. Job ads are opening and hiring managers can receive 1000’s of candidates in a few hours. Then the role closes.

There is often a “Stigma” about recruitment companies or/and headhunting firms and I wanted to put my opinion out there about why using a headhunter is literally the best thing to do right now, more than ever, for companies and candidates. And look, if you don’t agree with me, that’s OK. We all have our
opinions and quite frankly, I’ve committed my life to headhunting so I’m deeply passionate about it!

We Make Matches

Let’s start by saying that there are recruitment agencies and headhunting firms. Recruiters can mean
different things today. They can absolutely still scout and source talent but they can also be hired
internally. They may solely rely on job boards as well as initial screening. They also may spend time
coordinating and sifting through applications from job seekers through a website, LinkedIn, applicant
tracking system, etc.

A headhunting firm is literally that. We are proactive in targeting talent, many who are not in the open
market and haven’t applied for roles. We specifically talk to talent about a particular position with our
client and then we introduce and represent them. With the current job market, there are many people
who’ve been laid off and of course, starting to apply for roles online – whereas before they may not have
needed to do this in years.

If you work with a good solid headhunter, you will be personally represented. This is key right now,
especially as the job market is lacking in jobs.
Essentially, we can help top talent “skip the line” of the hundreds of applicants from job boards and we
get the resume straight into the hands and eyes of the actual hiring manager.
A great headhunter will have the network, relationship and knowledge to be repping effectively to help
people find their new role and to help companies find elite talent.

If the company hiring has a great relationship and trust with that headhunter (which is crucial) this not
only saves hours of time for the hiring manager, but it also enables the company to work hand in hand
with the headhunter to find the best match.

It’s virtually impossible to go through so many job applicants right now, we are all human and I’m sure
there’s a limit to how many resumes one can look through for each role. Companies could very easily
miss out on a whole bunch of talent, therefore unable to find the perfect match.
This is why we, as headhunters, get hired by many companies when they are recruiting – to streamline
the process, quickly and efficiently to find the best talent out there