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We’ve heard a lot over the last years about ‘side hustle’ and have seen a major increase in the number of people following this path, whether to boost income or gear up for a career change.
Our question is why not? Why not pursue your passion? Why not start that side hustle to launch your new career or transition?
In a recent poll done by our CEO, Emily Keyes, the following question was asked: “If you had the option to easily change the industry of your career without studying or taking pay cuts, etc. Would you?”
A resounding 79% responded yes! It makes us wonder; why do we head down a certain career path, never to pursue our passions? OR, do we simply discover our passions later in life?
Here’s what some of our respondents listed: Data Analyst, Farmer, from Accounting to Sales, Interior or Architecture design, go to Med-school, an Art Therapist working with kids with autism, and HR. So varied whilst many of these respondents currently work in Marketing or Advertising!
We hear and know for ourselves all of the excuses. “I don’t have the time”, “I don’t have the capital I need”, etc. Well, if you looked really hard, we are sure you would find the time.
How do you commute to work? What time do you get up in the morning? How much time do you spend with hours of streaming or social media?
We recently saw this post and it really resonated:

So, start with making the right choices.
Maybe, you, like many are only discovering your passion further down your career path or have noticed new opportunities due to changes in your industry.
Think of how marketing and design have evolved over the last few years.
Say you have always been a sales director, finding an interest and enjoyment in sales copywriting and that seems to be the avenue you want to take. Or you are a social media person but going more into copywriting, or a creative director and have been working on Etsy on the side and now want to do that full time.
There are so many highly successful people out there who didn’t finish high school, or get a degree and worked their way to where they are today. Even starting their businesses with a very small amount of funds that were saved up.
Whatever your goal, or vision; start small. Even start something on the side that you don’t really want to do in order to bring extra capital in to do that short course, or buy stock or business tools.
Too many don’t ever end up following their dream. A good dream, that IS attainable and can give you the lifestyle you desire.
The world is full of opportunities, you just have to choose the right ones.
Whatever your passion, start that side hustle, or start learning today to reset and follow the path you were destined for.

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