The Talent Boom launches a new interactive game

By Emily February 4, 2018

The Talent Boom (recruiters in the creative industries) has launched a new game ’28 Seconds’ (based on the popular 30 Seconds) that aims to inject some creativity into the interview process. It believes that introducing creativity into this demanding process will lead to better results.

Serious time to play

Introducing creativity and a relaxed sense of play into the process can break up the monotony of repetitive and overly rehearsed interview scenarios for both the interviewer and candidate. In addition to providing an open and interactive environment, this playful interaction further serves to disarm the candidate and allow the interviewer to unlock deeper and more insightful answers and assessments

Location, location, location

A real estate dictum for a reason, location can add value to the interview process, particularly when said location is unexpected or taken out of the typical workplace context. Unusual environments stimulate fresh perspectives to the benefit of both the hiring manager and candidate.

Interactive icebreaker

An interactive game – specifically designed with the interview process in mind – serves to not only break the ice in a fun, interactive way, but also assist the hiring manager with quickly assessing the candidate on various levels while at the same time allowing the candidate to make a more accurate, unique and – more importantly – lasting first impression.

“We developed 28 Seconds, based on a popular board game, to inject creativity into the hiring process by serving as an ice-breaker and allowing hiring managers in creative industries to gauge candidates’ proficiency, communication skills, problem solving abilities and their level of confidence. Research has shown that you only have seven seconds to make a first impression. With four phrases on each game card, you have a shot at four seven-second first impressions on your future employer,” says Emily Keyes, MD and founder of The Talent Boom.

“Play a round to break the ice in your interviews or just have a fun team building session to test your knowledge.”

Contact The Talent Boom to receive the official game box or download the DIY cut-out game kit.