The Talent Boom introduces a new service offering to its global clients

By Emily October 12, 2018

The Talent Boom Members Club

Are you a start-up scaling up your business?

Are you a global advertising agency looking to recruit digital/creative talent at a mixture of your offices in EU, US or Asia?

Do you recruit often and need solid support, like, now?

Due to popular demand, we are offering a retained search members package for worldwide creative hiring. This package enables you to have pure hiring support and a dedicated boomer working with you and only you during your membership with us.


Retained search membership is open to:

  • An advertising agency or corporation who wants a dedicated creative recruitment partner
  • A company that hires a minimum of 12 hires within a 6 month period, across a minimum of two countries/states OR one country but looking for expat talent
  • A company that can’t stand the hassle of working with loads of recruitment agencies that promise the world but deliver nothing. Whilst recruiting is never a guarantee, we can be positive that we’ve got your back and we will do our utmost to deliver above and beyond.


Right now, our retained search membership is NOT open to:

  • Companies looking to hire for just one location (unless it is an expat search). Due to our global core, and so we don’t over promise the world, right now we are limiting this to global companies who are looking for talent across a minimum of two different locations. We’d be totally glad to help you on a contingency basis if you are looking for one office hiring only. Please check it here (


So in short, this membership is ideal for global recruiting. If you are looking for expats for one of your locations, or you need to recruit for a mixture of locations from Miami to Moscow, get in touch now!


Membership includes:

  • A dedicated talent scout working behind the scenes and solely on your account to ensure the complete delivery of top talent
  • Administration and HR support whenever you need it
  • Our unique talent “check in” process while the successful candidate is working their notice period. This includes video clips and news of their new company to engage and keep excitement flowing
  • Lunches with the candidate and their new boss/co-workers during their first month of employment
  • Discounted freelance rates and free workforce management advice with our outsourced provider.



Our upfront retained fees are pretty simple, depending on your needs and timescales. Our retained search means we can focus on your roles very closely as well as can cut our usual contingency rates by up to 50%. With all of our retained search members we require half fee up front and the balance after 3 months. We also include our usual 90 days guarantee.


Is this what you need for your business?

Get in touch with one of our recruiters today in either our Cape Town, Amsterdam or Miami office. |