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Should I Stay or Should I Go

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So, times they are changing. COVID-19 has forced millions of companies to fast forward into the modern world; whether that’s working remotely, moving online or simply adapting to new changes. Just a few weeks ago some companies would be looking for a team to help with digital transformation and now SME’s have looked to COVID-19 to do this for them automatically, whether they like it or not.

Our main advice for our candidates during this time is around whether they should change companies amidst a pandemic. Our first thought is; how stable is your current company? Are they treating you well and looking after their staff or do they only have their best interests at heart? How are they keeping you engaged with a constant flow of communication between you and the team so that you are not feeling “alone”.

We interviewed some of our Boomers and below is a round robin of their opinions.

For reference, The Talent Boom is a global creative and digital recruitment and headhunting firm. We have offices in Europe, Africa and US and match elite talent with digital companies worldwide.

Our first chat was with Jennifer Blaine, our Global recruitment manager. Jennifer works roles across Asia and Europe It may be a ray of sunshine you are needing in this stressful time. The world can seem full of doom and gloom but having positive remote interviews and landing your dream job may just be a little bit of hope that you need. It gives one something positive to focus on!”

Tenielle Pullen, one of our tech talent scouts added “Have a think about what the status of your current company actually is. Are they financially stable, are they still operating smoothly? How are they treating their employees in a crisis? This is a huge reflection of the company. Are there talks of possible retrenchments? There is no harm in keeping your options open and interviewing for another role if you are unhappy or worried. Now is the best time to leave as competition is low.”

Chantel Prinsloo, one of our global recruiters who will be soon be heading up our Miami office mentioned I know its an uncertain time, but at the same time, because of this, it would be a good idea to keep your options open. Its also a good time to see what’s out there, as you have more time to think about it and explore.” 

An interesting angle from Jodie Mckenzie, our creative talent scout on exploring new avenues in your career. Explore an industry change. I know this sounds dreadful! But If you’re currently in digital, explore media and vice versa, the paired experience is a great duo and very common request by companies. I know the whole process of transitioning is heart wrenching enough as it is, but there’s surely excitement when exploring something outside of your comfort zone.”

Warren Volkwyn one of our global recruiters talks video interviewing Candidates need to continue the job search, despite the outbreak, because the job you want may get snatched up by someone else if you put your search on pause. Interviews will still proceed – just in a different fashion; by video or call and won’t hinder the hiring process too much. Working with global talent, and clients, we’ve seen this successfully happen time and time again.”

Our Tech lead Richard Harris focuses on using time to reset your mind and focus on the positives Use the home time to – Re-evaluate the position you are in, don’t panic about job security, there are fantastic companies that are still hiring throughout the crisis. Don’t procrastinate, make a move and get in touch with us for your next career move.”

Roonie Runyararo adds some advice on scaling back to the reason why you were looking to leave jobs even before the Pandemic hit The first question you need to ask yourself is why are you looking to change jobs Secondly, have you had a chat with your line manager about your reason for leaving? Is it a financial, change in environment, career growth? Once you have established this, you need to figure out what type of environment is well suited with your personality. You have to try align your career path and the current/future projects the company you want to join is working on. It is usually easy to map out your career growth with the direction with the company’s vision. “

Our creative talent scout, Zinzi Simayile has something to say too, on a more spiritual level “Rid yourself of fears and insecurities. All of us have fears and insecurities when changing careers or jobs but do not let them get in the way of moving forward. If you are afraid – that is ok – just do not let it take over and control what you do or do not do.”

Wise words from Caitlin Mcgregor, our global talent scout It’s never easy to change jobs – you form an attachment to those around you and form a nice little comfort zone: a daily routine, schedule, you learn how to do your job and how to do it well. You stick to the status quo that you’ve learnt and mastered. However, when you stay in that comfort zone for too long you don’t grow or learn anything new; you are no longer challenged. When you are approached for a new job you have to decide whether to take the leap of faith and grow again, to learn a new norm and step up to a new level – or to stay in your comfort zone. Life is full of periods of growth and comfort, it’s up to you to decide which period you are in and when you are ready to step up to a new opportunity. You have to be uncomfortable in order to be successful, in some ways. If you stay in your comfort zone, you would never do the things that you need to do.”

Laura Forsyth our global director adds her thought piece: Stay positive and keep moving forward. Things will go back to normal eventually and this time can be spent to carry out  job applications, virtual interviews etc so that you can start an exciting new role when things finally settle. Using the time at home to get that CV or portfolio updated and looking awesome is a great place to start. The Boomers are always here for some advice with these things also.”

Stay focused, stay safe and stay home.

To say Hi to one of our Boomers, email us at hello@thetalentboom.com.

For more information check out our website at www.thetalentboom.com

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