Recruiting in a Post Pandemic World


In a post Epidemic world, recruitment and hiring haven’t escaped the new reality, to say the least. As such, it is more important than ever for companies to identify how recruitment has changed and evaluate how to adapt their processes    to this new way of thinking in business.It’s no secret that more and more companies have adapted to either hybrid or fully remote work as companies have been forced to transfer all, or parts of their operations online. Where the search for the perfect candidate used to be limited by geography or relocation budgets, now companies have the opportunity to tap into a much bigger talent pool. This has many advantages, such as smaller office spaces with lower overheads and running costs and the further benefit of recruiting talent globally that may or may not have to relocate.Even with the changes to remote style working, the world is opening up as news of the Covid virus has withered into the past and been replaced by other current events. Effects are still felt; however, we are on a road to healing.In post-COVID recruitment, the ability to sell yourself as a company is paramount. As businesses recover and begin to grow again, professionals will have more choices about whom to work for and under what circumstances.So where does The Talent Boom as a Boutique agency fit in? Hiring managers are under more pressure than ever to fill roles with those with critical skills to meet market needs and drive organizational change. How have we adapted to a new mindset and demand from employers to a broader recruitment pool?We are a global digital & creative recruitment agency, and our focus is on international headhunting. Our international ex-pat head-hunters partner with most of our clients as a virtual recruitment neighbour, making matches between advertising agencies, design houses, luxury brands, and creative departments of large corporations and fortune 500’s  with elite talent worldwide.We adapt and work alongside our client as pro-actively as we can in order to secure the best talent. We have clients that have either have always been remote focused, are only starting to get to grips with having thousands of their employees moving to remote work only. We have some clients that look for remote/hybrid talent close to their office, or clients looking for remote talent on a completely different continent. An example of this is one of our start up e-learning tech companies who have their HQ in Amsterdam and look for talent on the same time zone as them anywhere in the world. This often allows us to scout top talent in places such as South Africa as the time zone is the same as CET.It’s not all just about remote or hybrid though. Now that the world is opening up, we are finding ourselves, more than ever, doing what we were born to do: Make matches across many continents and work with expat talent looking to relocate. Whether than is in the snowy mountains, by the beach in LA or walking In the city in London.Our most recent ex-pat hire was a few months ago, representing and securing an executive creative director in Brazil for   a new position with our ad agency client in Germany. In the past, we have also represented senior-level talent in Europe and placed them in ex-pat roles in Africa as well as talent in South Africa. Also, finding talent ex-pat roles in Europe, in Germany, Amsterdam, and the UK.We’ve also worked with an exciting role for a global digital agency in Japan and matched a strategy director talent who relocated from the UK.One of the most exciting ex-pats hires to date that our CEO personally matched was a Managing Director in Amsterdam looking for a new adventure in the mountains. We found a fantastic ad agency in the US looking for an exec for their new base in snowy Switzerland for the north face business.These are just a few of our numerous success stories, that we are proud to be a part of! To say Hi to one of our Boomers, email us at us on Social here:
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