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Recruiter Tips For a Winning Linkedin Profile

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Our recruiters and talent scouts at The Talent Boom search all around the world to find the perfect candidates to fill for our client’s roles. Aside from good old fashioned headhunting, one of the key platforms we use is LinkedIn, thus it is important to have an updated, eye-catching and well detailed profile on this social media platform. Having a great LinkedIn profile will help us find you and position you in your dream job. Here are 6 pointers from The Talent Boom recruiters on creating a winning LinkedIn profile.

1.Choose a great photo

Selecting the right picture to display on your LinkedIn profile is a very important step towards a winning profile. The photo should represent who you are and show you in a professional light depend on which industry you are in.  Ensure your profile picture is recent and ideally a portrait shot of yourself.

2.Write a search efficient and eye-catching headline

Writing a good headline is important so that our boomers can find you on their searches. Having your job title and your expertise in your headline will greatly help with this. Your headline does not have to be straight forward and formal because having a fun headline can also make you stand out; just ensure you combine there two elements well.

Here is an informative post from Ana Hoffman on LinkedIn on how to create a great headline:


3.Use your summary space effectively

When any recruiter or hiring manager views a LinkedIn profile, the summary is critical to us identifying you as a possible candidate for the role at hand. Your summary should be short and sweet, it should tell a little bit about yourself and your interests and previous job descriptions and responsibilities. Remember your linked in profile is your first impression that you give to hiring managers and recruiters. Use this opportunity to showcase yourself and be as approachable as you wish.

Here is an awesome article from Forbes writer Robin Ryan on how to write a killer LinkedIn summary:


4.Display your awards and achievements

Especially for us at The Talent Boom, due to being a global creative and digital recruiting firm, we focus majorly on this niche industry, therefore it is important to have your awards and achievements listed on your LinkedIn profile. Having them listed will help the recruiters figure out if you are the right candidate for us to represent to our clients. This goes for your portfolio also, make sure it can be found easily on your LinkedIn profile.

This is a link to a step by step guide on how to list your awards and achievements by It Still Works writer Filonia Lechat:


 5. Have a good amount of connections

Growing your network on LinkedIn is crucial to being considered for a role that The Talent Boom, or any hiring manager are recruiting for. Having a low amount of connections may indicate that you are afraid of meeting other people, you are unaware of the power of social media or that you are not keeping up with the latest trends in the industry you are currently in. Being a confident people person is what a lot of our clients at The Talent Boom look for. Go ahead and add some new connection and don’t be afraid of rejection because it will help you in the long run.

Here is a great article from Medium writer Casey Botticello on the benefits of having a large LinkedIn network:


6. Make sure your other profiles are displayed on LinkedIn

Ensure that you can be found where you want to be. Add your Facebook, Twitter and other platforms that give hiring managers and recruiters a better idea of who you are. Show your enthusiasm and passion for your job through these platforms and that will put you ahead of the pack because companies always want high energy and dedicated candidates.

Using these tips from The Talent Boom team will greatly increase your possibly of appearing high up on search results when we look for candidates and heighten your chances of landing the job you really want.

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