Q&A with Emily Keyes: The Award-Winning CEO of The Talent Boom and The Global Business Coach

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“Emily Keyes left school at 15, driven by a pressing need to make money rather than a mere desire.”

CIO Today sits down with Emily Keyes, a distinguished CEO, and the recipient of the Most Trailblazing Female CEO award. Emily’s journey from humble beginnings to founding two successful ventures, The Talent Boom and The Global Business Coach, is nothing short of inspiring. Her remarkable career has spanned 16 years and four continents, making her a respected figure in the world of executive search, entrepreneurship, and mentoring.

What is The Talent Boom?

 The Talent Boom is a renowned global recruitment and headhunting firm specializing in connecting top creative, digital, and advertising talent with leading companies worldwide. Emily’s team excels in matching extraordinary candidates with forward-thinking companies, making talent acquisition their expertise. What sets them apart is their proactive and insightful approach, directly connecting top candidates with hiring managers, bypassing the noise of job boards.

What is The Global Business Coach?

Emily leverages her 16-year corporate journey spanning 50 countries to empower business owners and C-suite executives through The Global Business Coach. Her services include transforming freelance operations into small businesses, career coaching, emotional mindset mentoring, new business coaching, and a 3-month boot camp for new entrepreneurs. Emily’s wealth of experience and deep understanding of the business landscape bring tangible results to her clients.

The Journey of Genesis:

Driven by a need to make money, Emily left school at 15 and embarked on a career in recruitment. After working in London and Amsterdam for seven years, she decided to forge her own path. Emily saw an opportunity in Africa’s thriving digital and creative industries, starting her venture, The Talent Boom, with just $100. Over time, the business flourished, employing up to 50 people and expanding to the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and finally, Miami, USA.

Relentless Pursuit of Dreams:

Emily’s passion for recruitment fuelled her entrepreneurial journey, which she proudly bootstrapped. Despite receiving lucrative offers to buy her company, she remained resolute in her ownership. Emily’s belief in building a business from the ground up with passion and confidence led to remarkable success without external investors. She understands the challenges of running a bootstrapped company but embraces calculated risks to keep pushing forward.

A Leader with a Difference:

Emily values people and their life journeys, emphasizing the role of emotions in entrepreneurship. She encourages aspiring entrepreneurs never to quit until everything falls into place. Despite facing adversity due to her background, Emily’s self-belief and relentless drive have propelled her to success. She views roadblocks as opportunities for growth and imparts valuable mentoring to her team.

Overcoming Obstacles:

Emily’s entrepreneurial journey began without prior business ownership experience. She relied on her natural talent for working with people and took calculated risks. Emily transformed her fears into motivation and maintained a positive outlook, learning from her mistakes. Today, she takes immense pride in her 12-year-old business, surpassing her wildest dreams of success.

Milestones Achieved:

Emily recently served as a business judge and mentor for a TV show, working with over 100 aspiring entrepreneurs. The experience was immensely rewarding, allowing her to overcome her personal struggle with public speaking. Emily looks forward to similar opportunities in the future.

The Secret Sauce to Success:

Emily’s success is attributed to innovation and staying ahead in the market. She believes in “zigging when others zag” and actively participates in conferences, public speaking, and TV shows to promote her brand. Emily’s dedication to the creative industry and strong client and talent relationships have been instrumental in her success.

A Brighter Future:

Emily’s future plans involve expanding The Talent Boom’s success into the US market, offering headhunting services for creative companies. As a CEO overseeing a large team spanning five time zones, she remains hands-on with headhunting and coaching. Emily’s focus on branding, sales, and emotional guidance continues to empower entrepreneurs.

A Dose of Motivation:

Emily advises aspiring business owners to start, learn, and adapt. She encourages thinking like an athlete, where small actions can make or break success. Emily’s journey from leaving school at 15 to becoming an award-winning CEO is a testament to her determination and entrepreneurial spirit. Her story serves as an inspiration to all aspiring entrepreneurs.

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