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TTB Executive Search is our elite headhunting division of the firm, specifically for VP to C level hiring.

With our years of experience hiring solid executives worldwide, we have a dedicated team of headhunters specifically for our clients who are looking for elite VP to C level.

The type of talent we represent are generally not in the market and we target, shortlist, headhunt and introduce high class individuals to help grow and lead companies to ultimate success.

We work across the United States with our executive search function as well as Asia and Europe with companies in digital, marketing, SaaS, e-commerce and advertising.

We take all of our recruitment projects seriously, however, when it comes to finding C-level talent, we work extremely closely with our clients in order to find the absolute best talent match for your executive level hiring needs.

Our CEO, Emily Keyes, an award winning recruitment entrepreneur spearheads the majority of our executive level searches due to her extensive portfolio and solid eye for executive talent.

Is your company hiring a senior executive in SaaS, digital, advertising or marketing and looking for a solid executive search firm? Schedule a call today or email Emily direct on



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