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My name is Emily Keyes and I am CEO and Founder of The Talent Boom, a global creative and digital headhunting firm located in 3 different continents. We work with the worlds leading brands, advertising agencies, Fortune 500’s and scaling start ups to help them secure top talent.

I’m going to give you some real advice now that one part goes against a lot of other opinions.

It’s also gone against most of my many years of headhunting too.

But we’re in a different market right now. And let’s face it, it’s tough out there for a lot of you. 😫

So let’s break this down. ⤵️

Questions you may be asking yourself:

– How am I still in the job market after many weeks or months? This has never happened to me. 🤯

– I’m sending my resume everywhere & no one is getting back to me. What am I doing wrong?

– Am I ever going to be able to pay my bills again? 😭

– 500 people have applied for each role I’m applying to. How can I stand out in the crowd? This is crazy.

– When I want to apply for something, I’m just too late. 😐

Any of these Qs sound familiar?

Ok… first. Take a deep breath and take a step back.🧘


I will repeat 📣


It is hard to doubt yourself. BUT It’s the market.

My opinions on tackling these daily questions:

You need:

✔️ A positive mindset. Set your intention before you start job hunting and manifest finding great leads.

✔️ Feel like you’re too slow? Have multiple resumes on hand for various industries/ environments you’ve worked in. Carve out a niche in your chosen field so you can stand out. If it’s a banking client and you have banking on top of retail etc, send out your resume specific to the industry.

✔️ If you are working with a good headhunter, they should be able to help you “skip the line.” What I mean by this, is, they will represent you so that your profile gets to the hiring manager before the 500 other possible blind applications. People work with people. Networking and known introductions are always for the win.

And now the finale and haters are gonna hate:


Shock horror right?

I never thought I’d say it. When I look through resumes nowadays as there’s so many jobseekers- I will naturally gravitate towards the one that stands out.
This is usually someone who takes the time to type out a really clean-cut eye-catching one pager about themselves.
I get it’s not for everyone, but for senior management and C-level staff, it’s a great way to showcase yourself beyond your resume.

Try it out. Maybe you’ll thank me later. ⭐️

You got this!