How Using The Talent Boom Can Speed Up Your Hiring Process!

By Sven Eckhoff February 24, 2020

Time is money and the hiring process can be a very stressful and time-consuming process. The team at The Talent Boom specializes in the headhunting of passive talent, in order to make the recruitment process as smooth, quick and easy as possible.

Why The Talent Boom? 

The Talent Boom is a global digital & creative recruitment agency. Our international expat head-hunters find and make matches between advertising agencies and creative departments of large corporations with elite talent worldwide. Focusing our expat headhunting efforts across the globe from USA, Europe, Asia, Africa & beyond. The Talent Boom represents key talent across the Creative, Digital, Advertising and Sports world. Our HQ (affectionately known as The Boom House) is located in South Africa and we also have offices in Amsterdam, Miami and London. Find out how we can help your business grow by finding elite global talent wherever you are in the world.

These are the ways that The Talent Boom can help you speed up your hiring process: 

We Optimize Your Time

Jump on a quick call with one of the Boomers to discuss your needs and time frames and let us digitally partner with and save you valuable time (and money).

here is a great link on how to optimize your time:

2) Relentless Hunting 

Our global consultants at The Talent Boom use multiple search techniques and search all across the globe to find the perfect candidate for your available position. We ensure your recruitment process will not be filled with unwanted CV’s that do not match your requirements and needs.

4) Meet Your ideal candidate

The Talent Boom screens the candidates thoroughly to ensure they meet the requirements and culture of your company. We then continue to send you a shortlist of candidates that we believe will be a good fit, this saves you time by having great candidates and not an overwhelming amount of CV submissions.

5) Close The Deal 

The whole process that the Talent Boom undergoes takes about 2 weeks from start to finish this is a smooth journey to find your perfect candidate, with no headaches and confusion in between. We provide an amazing service that is matched by non, let’s make a match today!

Why Not The Talent Boom?  

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