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How To Embrace Millennials Into The Workplace

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Did you know that millennials are already the largest segment in the workplace? Within the next couple
of years, 50% of the US workforce will be made up of millennials. It will be 75% within 2030. If we
haven’t already, its time every organisation started to embrace this very savvy and ambitious
generation. As leaders, we need to ditch our egos and generation labels to ensure we embrace top talent
for the future success of businesses. Here’s some thought pieces:
G E T  T O  K N O W  T H E M
It may seem like a given, but truly understand who they are. What does your millennial team actually want? They have such an increasing role in the workplace, bringing unique attitudes, experiences & perspectives not to mention technical ability. To a lot of companies there’s a perception that millennials show up to the
office expecting top pay, benefits, time off & wanting to get to the top as quickly as possible. If this doesn’t
happen, they will just leave and go somewhere else. This is simply not the truth. The great thing is, most millennials are hungry to succeed, and this is exactly the type of person you should want to hire for your business! Millennials are drawn to brands they connect with and they will stay loyal & advocate for companies
that honor their promises & make them feel what they do sincerely matters.
Based on “great place to work” research, 88% of younger employees say they plan to stay long
term at businesses considered best workplaces for millennials. You may find this as a surprise as generally when you think about loyalty in teams, you think of someone who has worked at
that company for many years. Millennials who say they have a great work place are more likely
to recommend to family and friends, boost reputation as well as stay longer due to the
training, tools on hand and inspiring people and mentors on board.
F O C U S  O N  P U R P O S E   &  C U L T U R E
Millennials are hard working, determined & ambitious. There’s nothing wrong & everything right with wanting to grow in a company & making it to Senior or Exec level. Companies winning
the war on talent have the best, inspirational people on board, curated a fantastic culture as well as have full transparency & communication lines with their staff. This is exactly the
environment millennials as well as any generation of talent want to commit to in order to create the best work.
As we all know, remote working is becoming more popular by the day, so adapting this into the workplace is a great way to keep millennials focused. This doesn’t mean just WFH every day. You could have a dedicated few hours offsite as an option. Flex working could also allow for personal & work lives to overlap in order to keep staff zoned in and not burnt out. Lastly, remember that sometimes it’s the little things that really keeps people switched on and ready to rock. It may seem clique, but rearranging the furniture to add some fresh youthful chairs, a break out area with games is a great way to allow for people, of all generations, to take a breather, regroup and then get back
into work again.
P R O V I D E  T O O L S  &  F L E X I B I L I T Y

Give your millennial team constant
access to tools & data for them to learn & grow.
To achieve positive input with your
millennial team & for them to truly
enjoy the role, ensure they have
mentors to help achieve their goals
Allow them to embrace social media &
technology to become a strong brand
ambassador for your company. Let them be
part of the voice of your company!
Keep lines of communication crystal clear
to achieve transparency in the business.
This will allow talent of all generations to
grow and focus on their objectives

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