How Does A Candidate Stand Out In The Competitive Tech Industry?

By Emily March 9, 2020

The Talent Boom Has The Answers!

The Talent Boom is a global digital and creative recruitment agency with offices in Cape Town, Miami and Amsterdam, our Boomers (recruiters) have engaged with countless tech industry clients and candidates. We have filled tech roles across the world from London to China. Through this experience, our recruiters at The Talent Boom have learned exactly what it takes for talent to stand out in the tech industry. This competitive and ever-growing industry is a hard nut to crack, as there are many people with the same skill sets competing for one great position, we hope this advise will help you get an edge in this ever-evolving industry.

Don’t Be Afraid To Have a Mentor

Having a mentor is a great way to advance your knowledge in your field and get honest, straight to the point advice. This is not only important at the beginning of your career but throughout as you never know when the opportunity to learn will present itself. The best way to find the perfect mentor fitted to you is to grow your professional network with people in your industry and find someone who inspires you to learn and will encourage you to reach your full potential. Our team over at The Talent Boom have noticed through the many years of recruiting in the tech industry that the candidates who stand out have had a strong mentor at one point in their career and the value of this shows.

Here is a great article from LifeHack on factors to consider when choosing a mentor:

Advance your Technical Skills

The tech industry is always changing due to new technology becoming available. With this in mind, its absolutely critical to keep up to date with new skills that companies will start requiring from you. We have experienced the changing requirements for the tech industry due to a lot of placements being made in this industry throughout the years. We also experience trends in various countries, with some countries having a boost of strong tech languages and other countries which have a real shortage of talent with those particular skills. A good tech candidate should keep up to date with new tech coming out, through reading articles and news reports as this will give them an edge on other candidates looking for similar roles, particularly if that skill is quite new in the country they are in. There are a ton of great free courses online that you can enrol in to advance and broaden your knowledge of the tech industry. Never stop learning because the more skills you have the more you will stand out and hiring managers will notice you and put you above the chasing pack for tech roles.

This is a fantastic article from AXIS on why its important to keep up with the latest technology in the work-space:

Communication Is Key

Many people think working in the tech industry is mostly a solo effort and little communication with others being involved. However, this is very far from the truth as our recruiters at The Talent Boom have experienced. Collaboration is key in the tech industry as some projects require a wide range of skills that maybe not only one person possess. Communication is also important to gain new skills and learn from others. LinkedIn, Github and other social media platforms is a great way to create connections in your industry. This way, you can learn from a range of sources and keep up to date with what is going on in the tech space. Our team of experienced global tech recruiters encourage all candidates in the tech industry to have a wide professional network as this is a factor that can push them over the edge when it comes to the recruitment process.

This awesome article from SkillsYouNeed will give you some advice on how to improve your communication skills:

Have An Outstanding CV & LinkedIn Profile

Having a well detailed and eye-catching CV & LinkedIn profile is important to help you stand out when hiring managers are scouting for tech talent. Make sure your CV & LinkedIn profile is up to date and easily readable, make sure the information that is needed is easy to find.

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