A Digital Recruitment Agency In Amsterdam

By Sven Eckhoff May 12, 2016

The Talent Boom BV is born

The firm’s global clients include ad agencies such as JWT, Ogilvy and McCann

The Talent Boom, global recruitment search firm for elite creative, digital, tech and marketing talent has recently opened an office in Amsterdam.

Head quartered in South Africa, The Talent Boom was founded by global talent matchmaker Emily Keyes, originally from the UK.

In a nutshell, The Talent Boom headhunts and represents game changing, best in class senior to executive level talent across the creative, digital, sports, marketing and tech industries. They partner with advertising agencies, global development houses, start-ups and corporates across the globe.

Their services include headhunting, recruiting, talent mapping and consulting with organizations with regards to strategic innovation within recruitment, talent acquisition and the hiring process.

The firm’s global clients include large ad agencies such as JWT, Ogilvy and McCann to more boutique agencies such as Factory Labs and Joe Public, to brands such as Burger King and Adidas.

Their global reach allows them to successfully match local talent across their core markets in UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and US as virtual neighbors to their clients as well as scouting expat talent looking to relocate.

The expansion into Europe was a natural move due to continuous growth in conducting recruitment searches and projects for companies.

Emily Keyes, founder of The Talent Boom, commented: “We are excited to open our second office at The Talent Boom and for me, setting up in Amsterdam was an obvious move. The Talent Boom is very much based on global creative foundations and having worked in Amsterdam previously, I’m excited to be back in the forefront of such a solid creative international playground. Our talent network is constantly and rapidly expanding across Europe, with talent already based there as well as top executive creative talent in other continents who want to be working at some of the big players in Europe.”

As a boutique global agency, The Talent Boom has a presence in over 20 countries. One of Emily’s main focus areas over the next year is to continue to drive their global expansion with plans to open offices in other countries in the near future.

“In order for us to further service the global markets, it’s fundamental that we look to be closer to our clients in Asia, Europe and US. This will enable us to hire recruiters on the ground to continue to zone in on the right talent and make more successful candidate matches while keeping a tight reign on the process from every angle.”

If you’re interested in having a conversation with Emily and the team about a new career, or if you are hiring and need fresh talent, please contact hello@thetalentboom.com or check out the website at thetalentboom.com or tweet @thetalentboom