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Welcome to The Boom House!

The Talent Boom is a leading global recruitment agency across three continents, including one of the best recruitment agencies in Africa.

We’re one of the few boutique recruitment agencies located in Africa, US, Uk and Europe where we have a solid reputation with our clients and our talent.

As we have been around since 2011, our industry knowledge and experience allows us to match top notch talent with clients ranging from the worlds leading brands, advertising agencies, Fortune 500’s and scaling start ups. We help companies with remote jobs in Africa as well as US, UK, Asia, Europe and beyond.

As one of the best job agencies on the continent, we are committed to being as productive as possible in order to make the best talent match.

Recruitment agencies are a luxury service. We help secure and bring talent to the table. Most of our talent are not in the open market. We approach them through our closed network as well as work with candidates on an exclusive basis. They do not apply for roles themselves, they work with The Talent Boom as they appreciate we are one of the best headhunting agencies to work with in order to find the perfect job.

Why Use a recruitment agency or headhunting firm?

For our clients – We represent top talent that are not open in the market. When you are hiring, it’s not just time management that can be difficult. Sometimes you just do not have access to the candidates you are really needing for your role. As one of the top boutique global creative and digital recruitment agencies around, our reputation allows us to meet, secure and work with many talented people across all industries and levels.
Whilst we do work on a retainer basis, if you are a new client and struggling to fill a difficult role, we can open more options from you on a no obligation headhunting basis.

For our candidates – you have the opportunity to work with us to get introductions to top companies. The job market is so difficult right now. Roles are opening and closing within a 3 hour period. Working with us on your job search means that you will “skip the line” of all the blind applications being sent through a job board. We have active relationships with all of our clients and we would love to represent you and get your portfolio/resume straight into the eyes of the hiring manager for that company. We are not one of the best job agencies or headhunting firms without our stellar reputation!

I have an internal talent team. Why should I work with job agencies?

Simply put. We are specialists in our field and we work alongside many internal talent teams on hard to fill roles. Whether its an onsite position, remote or an expat role – we make matches and we find top talent. We don’t look for job seekers and you will not see us on job boards. We work our network and find the best people fit for your role. We will headhunt and target candidates specifically for your role. Most of the people we represent may be very happy in their current position but feel enticed and excited about your new career opportunity. We work our magic and we’ve done this for so many different clients around the world.

There are other employment agencies in Africa. Why should we use you?

The Talent Boom is a global headhunting and recruitment agency and our head office was founded in cape town, south Africa. From there, we expanded into Uk, Europe and US.

Our founder, Emily Keyes, is originally from Uk and she moved to South Africa and bootstrapped The Talent Boom. She is now based in the US however extremely passionate and proud of the business as well as its South African “birth”.

Emily Says: “ I bootstrapped the business back in 2012 and expanded it across 3 different continents. We are now pulling in millions of dollars in profit year on year and I’m proud to still be a bootstrapped yet top quality global boutique recruitment and headhunting firm.
We work with clients from Audible, Amazon, to AKQA, VaynerMedia, PWC, Ogilvy and more.

I’ve personally lived on three different continents. So, I’m passionate about working on expat hires & assisting expat talent, amongst many others things in recruitment! I’m currently based in Miami, Florida.

I also LOVE working with people and helping them achieve ultimate success in their chosen field of business venture. I set up The Global Business Coach to help business owners strategize their businesses & break free from an emotional barrier to soar to victory.

I’m also a business mentor and have recently completed a contract with BetaBlox to serve as a business judge and coach for over 80 start ups and small businesses across US.

I’ve helped find award-winning creative, design, data & digital talent new careers & worked with ad agencies in over 50 countries from UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Austria, France, Poland, Greece, Denmark, Luxemburg, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Italy, Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, China, Viet Nam, India and more”


Are recruitment agencies not really expensive?

Look, lets face it. If you’re looking to partner with a top agency that knows what they are doing, it’s going to cost some money. Recruitment can be a luxury service however it is a necessity in scaling your business. Think of the time it takes to recruit and find people. Think of the gaps of time it takes trying to find a replacement of the person who has handed in their notice and 2 months on you have still not found the perfect fit.

This is where we come in. We make matches and get the job done.

On our contingency basis, we act as a partner to your business whilst not needing to pay monthly costs as we as an outsourced supplier. As we are a boutique business, we are always transparent and upfront with our costing.

Do I speak to a human or do you have an app?

Recruitment and headhunting agencies shouldn’t be using apps in our opinion. We are people connectors and the best way to find and target top people is speaking to them! We are all humans. None of us are bots. When you work with us as a client or talent, you will speak to a real person either located in Africa, Uk or US. Recruitment and headhunting doesn’t need modernizing – we are connectors and match makers and this skill requires solid relationship building. Person to person, human to human!



great! let’s make a match today!



super! let’s find you a great new job!

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