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Day in The Life of a Recruiter

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Boomer Edition, Talent Boom

The title of this blog post is quite deceiving, the life of a recruiter at The Talent Boom is anything but typical, ordinary or straight forward. It is filled with opportunity, adventure and surprise, you never know what awaits you on the other side of an email or phone call.

With offices based in Cape Town, Amsterdam and Miami, the world is an oyster for these motivated, talented and unrelenting head-hunters we know as the BOOMERS. The reach of this niche digital and creative recruitment agency spreads far and wide across the globe with clients being put in their dream position all over the world. Talent we represent have been relocated to the USA, UAE, Singapore, Germany, London, Sweden and Kenya to name a few, all thanks to The Talent Boom and their BOOMERS.

What makes The Talent Boom special is the recruitment team and talent scouts. You need to be one of a kind to be known as a Boomer, the team is compassionate, motivated and will always go the extra mile to ensure the client or candidate gets the service they deserve. The recruitment agency environment is a stressful and sometimes crazy place, but the BOOMERS get a lot of satisfaction out of making someone’s dream come true of having the perfect job in an amazing country.

Richard Harris a BOOMER of 4 years had this to say about being a Talent Boom Recruiter “At The Talent Boom we get to know our clients and candidates in depth because we take a genuine interest  in building careers in order to hit the nail on the head. We get to know our client’s requirements not only from what is given to us on a job spec because as we know culture fit is very important.”

The Talent Boom makes matches between advertising/tech companies with elite talent and loves doing it! No matter your requirements, deadline or special needs, you can always rely on the Talent Boom and the BOOMERS to make your desires a reality.

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