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Common Scents : Enhancing the Work-From-Home Experience

In today’s fast paced world, work is always happening around the clock. After the pandemic, many organisations came to the realisation that they no longer need to spend a lot of cash on office space and allowed as well as trusted their team to work from home. This was welcomed by employees as the increased cost of living and rising price of fuel became tough to navigate.
No, I know what you are thinking. NOT ANOTHER REMOTE WORK ARTICLE? Keep reading, this is a little different.
This change in work culture has led to a whole host of online content on how to increase productivity at home, maintaining a work/life balance, how to create an office space at home etc.
An interesting way of enhancing well-being is the use of scents. This can be aftershave/perfume or even air freshener that either reminds you of places like the beach/forest/park or your childhood home or your partner/parent.
The human brain processes scents in the same areas responsible for emotions and memories. This connection explains why certain fragrances can provoke strong emotional responses and trigger vivid recollections. By harnessing this phenomenon, remote workers can create a conducive and inspiring environment to kick-start their day.
Certain scents have the remarkable ability to instil a sense of power and confidence. Fragrances like sandalwood, patchouli, or cedarwood are known for their grounding properties and association with strength. Wearing such scents can help remote workers exude self-assurance, thereby enhancing their professional presence even in virtual settings.
Here at The Talent Boom, we wanted to take a deeper look into this and figured we would get the conversation started. Let’s talk about scents.
We did some research in the form of a LinkedIn poll to test this and came up with some interesting findings.
A poll was circulated on LinkedIn last week and was left open for a week. The Poll had the following question: Do you use aftershave/perfume while working from home?
The possible 4 answers for this poll was: Yes, No, Are you mad? and I will now after reading this.
We’ve received a total of 218 responses on our poll since it opened.
Out of the 218 responses we’ve received:
58% responded with Yes
30% responded with No
8% responded with Are you mad?
4% responded with I will now after reading this.

More people use scents to enhance their overall work from home experience. As to what scents is being used, well, that’s another matter entirely. So, the next time you sit down to work remotely, consider adding a touch of fragrance to your routine and discover the transformative power of scents in enhancing your work-from-home journey.

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