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Boomerang Employees and the benefits of hiring them…again

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It’s your last day today. You’re saying goodbye to everyone in your department after four long years, and you can’t help but feel sad as you’re leaving your current work family behind. You reminisce about the good and bad moments spent here, feeling a wave of nostalgia wash over you. Then, you’re overcome with excitement as you think about the new job you’re starting next week.

An hour passes, and it’s time to go. You give one last goodbye, hand in your key card, and leave the building. Surely, this is the last time you’ll work here, right?

However, the story doesn’t always end here. You may find yourself being a Boomerang employee.

A boomerang employee is someone who leaves an organisation and later returns to work for the same company. At The Talent Boom, we have had the privilege of welcoming back several boomerang employees over the years. This practice offers numerous advantages for both the employee and the employer. Here are six key benefits of hiring boomerang employees:

  1. Familiarity with Company Culture
    • Boomerang employees already understand the company’s culture, values, and expectations. This familiarity means they can reintegrate smoothly and quickly, contributing to productivity right from the start. Their knowledge of workplace dynamics and existing relationships with colleagues helps maintain a cohesive and efficient work environment.
  1. Reduced Training Time and Costs
    • Since boomerang employees already know the company’s systems and processes, the training period is significantly shorter. This saves time and reduces the costs associated with on-boarding new hires. Businesses can redirect these saved resources towards other critical areas, ensuring a more strategic allocation of company funds.
  1. Proven Track Record
    • Employers are already familiar with the performance and work ethic of boomerang employees. This reduces the risk associated with hiring unknown candidates. Having a proven track record allows employers to feel confident in the boomerang employee’s ability to meet and exceed job expectations, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.
  1. Fresh Perspectives and Enhanced Skills
    • Employees who leave and return often bring new experiences and skills acquired during their time away. This can lead to fresh insights and innovative approaches to their work. The infusion of new ideas combined with their existing knowledge of the company can drive innovation and improvement in business processes and strategies.
  1. Improved Employee Loyalty
    • Boomerang employees who choose to return often feel a renewed sense of loyalty and appreciation for the company. This can lead to increased job satisfaction and longer tenure. Their return signifies a positive relationship with the company, fostering a culture of loyalty and long-term commitment among the entire workforce.
  1. Positive Employer Brand
    • When employees return to a company, it reflects well on the employer’s brand, indicating a positive work environment and strong organisational culture. This can enhance the company’s reputation, making it more attractive to potential new hires. A strong employer brand built on positive employee experiences can significantly improve recruitment efforts and overall employee morale.

By integrating boomerang employees into your workforce, you can harness these benefits to create a more robust and dynamic organisation. The Talent Boom’s experience underscores the value that these employees bring, contributing to a thriving and resilient business environment.

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