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Adopt New Approaches Within Recruitment

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As a business owner of a boutique growing global headhunting agency, the one thing I am constantly scared of is the one thing I make a conscious effort never to ignore. I call it the three C’s. Change, Courage, Culture.

Adopting new approaches within recruitment:


Change is everything for us. It doesn’t just help us to grow, succeed and lead. It also makes our culture top notch. But we need the courage to be able to implement this – to constantly adopt new ways of recruitment, and that’s the hard part.

Strategic innovation

I’m always a firm believer of strategically innovating at any given time. In fact, when new employees start at The Talent Boom, they don’t even know it but as they made the leap to The Talent Boom, they have already strategically innovated by going out of their comfort zone of using job boards at their previous agency, to not using any job boards and headhunting and using social media at The Talent Boom.

The key for us is to change the rules of recruitment but keep the game the same. You see, recruitment is a very old fashioned industry. It’s difficult to modernise the way we seek out talent, because clients who work with us do not expect us to send them job seekers. This means we need to be proactive to find top talent that are not in the market. So, job boards and recruiting apps are not tools that we use, because the majority of candidates we represent are not applying for jobs, or seen in the job market.

So, from day dot, I embed change into The Talent Boom and encourage the Boomers to innovate and think ahead at every second and they love this collaborative approach. We have quarterly strategy sessions at The Talent Boom where everyone in the company comes together to share tips, ideas and inspires each other to continue to be ahead of the game. One of the latest ideas we came up with was to launch an interactive game for hiring managers and talent to connect, called 28 SECONDS. Read more about it here: https://thetalentboom.com/resources/


Over the past couple of weeks, The Talent Boom has adopted another exciting new change in the company. We have introduced gamification into the workplace, which is an excellent motivational tool for our Boomers and adds a new element of friendly competition.

We have interactive screens where our Boomers can see what is happening from a sales point of view in the company as well as get competitive with their co-workers. This is also great for us to measure results and success at any given moment.

Our boomers can also customise their profile so, for example, when they do a deal, music of their choice comes up on the screen for the whole company to see and celebrate. The Team can also ‘battle’ other co-workers on various recruitment activities through the day/week for added competition.

The other key factor about this tool is that it allows our Boomers across our Africa and European office to stay connected and collaborated even though they are in separate offices.

This is an exciting approach for us at The Talent Boom and this new modern way of working adds to our mission to build a solid, fun and hardworking culture throughout our company.

We’ll be posting more about our experience using gamification in the workplace, so stay tuned.

The Talent Boom is a global recruitment search firm for elite creative, digital, tech and marketing talent, founded by British global talent matchmaker Emily Keyes. They partner with advertising agencies, global development houses, start-ups and corporates across the globe and have a solid presence in over 20 countries. Services include headhunting, recruiting, talent mapping and consulting with organisations with regards to strategic innovation within recruitment, talent acquisition and the hiring process.

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