A global recruitment agency combating the Corona Virus

By Emily March 16, 2020

The Corona Virus has become a pandemic in the world and is causing major health and economic implications on almost every continent. As a global recruitment agency, The Talent Boom is no exception to this. We work with clients all over the globe and relocate candidates to these locations. As COVID-19 is forcing many people into self isolation and The World Health Organization is highly recommending as little human interaction as possible, The Talent Boom has had to adapt its approach to the recruitment process.

Right now more than ever we should be using technology to continue recruiting effectively. Yes, we are in a standstill with the world not knowing what will happen with the spread of the Corona virus, however we still have to go about our daily lives and conduct business with as little impact as we possibly can.

As we experience more companies introducing remote working for their staff, our global recruitment agency is making use of tools such as ZOOM, Skype and Google Hang Outs in order to conduct interviews and secure top talent for clients.

On the positive side, these changes can be better for companies and employees. The facts are clear that the majority of people who are able to work from home can be more productive due to avoiding stressful commutes, distractions in the office as well as being more motivated as they have more time to spend with their family and loved ones while still dedicating their time to work.

Interviewing through video rather than face to face is not new for us at The Talent Boom. As a global recruitment firm, we as headhunters and our clients use this technique approx. 70% of the time. It’s difficult to coordinate meetings for expat roles when the hiring manager is in New York and the candidate is in London, or panel interviews with executives when everyone has different schedules and can not be in the same room as the other person.

The same principal applies now while the Corona virus is spreading. We don’t need to go into panic mode but we need to change the way we think when we do business during this health crisis. We could be adapting this method for one week, one month or six months. Who knows, once the virus stops spreading, hiring managers may actually think twice about scheduling rounds of face to face interviews and gain confidence that video interviewing is the most cost and time effective way of hiring talent. This could be the start of a habit change from traditional interviewing to a more modern approach to recruiting.

Another positive to video interviewing, especially on the global expat side is that with a decrease in plane and car travel right now, pollution will be reduced and we will be contributing to the decrease in our carbon footprint.

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