13 Tips From The Boomers For A Great CV

By Sven Eckhoff February 17, 2020

The Talent Boom is an international digital and creative recruitment agency which has placed numerous candidates in their dream jobs across the globe. The Boomers (The Talent Boom Team) deal with a huge influx of CV’s everyday coming in from all corners of the world. This means the boomers know exactly what makes a good CV and what makes a CV less likely to have an impact on a potential employer. Here are 13 Tips from the boomers that will take your CV to the next level for your Job Hunt.

Tip 1:

Keep It Relevant

Make sure you keep your CV focused on the Job you are applying for. If you are applying for a role as a Social Media Manager, it is not necessary to add information about your dog walking business or watering experience. Mention experiences that the recruiter and potential employer would be looking for such as previous campaigns you did on social media or websites you have worked on.

Tip by Richard Harris (Business Development Lead at The Talent Boom)

Tip 2:

Make Sure Your Most Recent Experience Is Displayed First On Your CV

Your most recent experience is what a recruiter will focus on first when it comes to your CV. Make sure your latest working experience is well dated and well displayed on your CV so that it will stand out and not be hard to find for the recruiter and potential employer.

Tip by Jade Nilsson (Creative Talent Scout at The Talent Boom)

Tip 3:

Keep your CV short (no longer than 2 pages)

If your CV is too long and filled with irrelevant information the recruiter and potential employer will find it distracting and may not read the full thing. Keep it short and sweet with well detailed information.

Tip by Jennifer Blaine (Global Recruitment Account Manager at The Talent Boom)

Tip 3:

Keep Your CV format simple

Ensure that your CV is not formatted in a way that is hard to read or understand. Keep the structure simple and easy to follow to provide the recruiter and potential employer an easy read and clear path to the information they want to find.

Tip by Roonie Mutsinze (Tech Talent Scout at The Talent Boom)

Tip 5:

List Your Responsibilities Under Each Job Title

In a great CV your responsibilities will be listed under each of your job titles so that the recruiter and potential employer can understand exactly what you did during your time in that role.

Tip by Tenielle Pullen (Tech Talent Scout at The Talent Boom)

Tip 6:

Use A Plain Font

There is nothing worse than a font that is distracting and hard to read, this tip is very simple, use a font that looks professional and is easily legible. This will ensure that the recruiter and potential employer are not put off by your CV at first glance.

Tip by Caitlin MacGregor (Global Talent Scout at The Talent Boom)


Tip 7:

Use Websites Such as Canva, Enhance Cv & Wix

Using websites such as the ones listed above can help you create a CV that will be creative while not being too distracting to the recruiter or potential employer.

Tip by Zinzi Simayile  (Creative Talent Scout at The Talent Boom)

Tip 8:

Make Your CV In-depth & Well Detailed

If your CV is well detailed then the recruiter and employer will be able to find all the answers they need to decide if you are the right candidate for the job. Make sure you have all the relevant details needed in your CV to avoid being contacted because of a lack of information.

Tip by Jodie Mckenzie (Digital Talent Scout at The Talent Boom)


Tip 9:

Make It Stand Out

Make your CV stand out from the rest by being creative in your layout but make sure it is not distracting or unreadable to the recruiter or potential employer.

Tip by Chantel Prinsloo (Creative Team Lead at The Talent Boom)


Tip 10:

Know The Difference Between 30 Days And 1 Calendar Month

Ensure you know the difference between the two to ensure there is no confusion between you, the recruiter and your potential employer on when you can start and when you have to resign from your current job.

Tip by Sameehah Williams (Operations Manager at The Talent Boom)


Tip 11:

Make Sure Your Location Is Clearly Visible

To make sure there is no confusion for the recruiter or potential employer about where you are located, make sure your current location is clearly visible and detailed.

Tip by Warren Volkwyn (Luxury Global Recruiter at The Talent Boom)

Tip 12:

Keep It Easy To Read

“The best code is clean and simple and it’s the same thing with a CV – the best ones are easy to read, easy to maintain and easy to present. It’s safe to say the best software engineers will have the cleanest CV’s to read.

Tip by George De Mendonca (Client Engagement Manager at The Talent Boom)


Tip 13

Include Your Awards And A link To Your Updated Portfolio

Be sure to add this into your CV as it will give the recruiters and potential employers a good idea of what you have accomplished and what they can expect from you.

Tip by Laura Forsyth (Recruitment Director at The Talent Boom)


These are some excellent tips for a great CV from The Talent Boom Team. These suggestions will help set your CV apart from the masses and make it a joy to read for recruiters and potential employers.