10 Reasons to Job Hunt in December!

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We’re betting that most of you believe that December is the worst time to apply for a new position. It’s a common belief that supposedly, employers and hiring managers roll down their hiring windows until January. Consequently, many job seekers feel it’s not worth applying, let alone looking in December and take a break from the hunt. But we’ve concluded that December might be the best month to score a job.
So as tempting as it may be to kick back and put your job search on hold until 2023, here are 10 reasons to rethink your job-hunting strategy.
You’ll have less competition. With so many of your competitors off for the holidays, there will be fewer people competing for openings. That boosts the odds that your application will get noticed.
Your diligence will make you stand out. It’s not easy to stay focused on a job search while everyone around you is on holiday or celebrating the end of the year. But your commitment won’t go unnoticed by potential hiring managers. Just remember, this is one competitive advantage that will vanish come January.
December is a time when many employers are setting aside hiring dollars for new positions. As budgets get finalized, your application could be near the top of the pile of the first people to be hired next year.
Vacancies occur soon after some people receive year-end bonuses and quit. Employers and hiring managers are then often left scrambling to fill these openings.
Executives and hiring managers can often be easier to reach in December. They tend to travel less during the holiday season, or find the office demands to have quietened down with less staff in the office or online. If their support staff is away  on vacation, you may have more of a chance in booking an interview.
The holiday season offers great networking opportunities. Between neighborhood potluck dinners, trade group parties, and community gatherings, there’s no shortage of events where you can meet new contacts and reconnect with old friends. You might find that one of them was hired recently and can give you a few pointers.
Just be careful to keep social interactions social — It’s not a good idea to hand out your resumé at a party! If you have a conversation with someone you think might be helpful to your search, ask for his or her contact information and follow up later.
The holidays are an ideal time to reconnect with friends, colleagues, and business acquaintances. Send greeting cards to anyone who might be able to offer a lead. Don’t mention your search in the card (other than to give a brief update if the person knows you’re looking for work). But do include your email address, phone number, and maybe even your LinkedIn URL, so the recipients can circle back after the holidays to catch up.
It’s a good time to seek seasonal or temporary work assignments. Many companies hire extra help to fill in for workers on vacation or because the holidays are especially busy. Take advantage of these temporary opportunities to get your foot in the door.
People tend to be in a friendly, helpful mood during the holidays. Nobody wants to come off as being Scrooge-like in December, so managers may be more inclined to agree to informational meetings.
You’ll keep up your job search momentum. If you suspend the hunt, you could have trouble motivating yourself to start looking in January. By keeping your search active throughout the holidays, you’ll remain energetic and enthusiastic, two traits hiring managers crave.
So keep it up! Don’t lose momentum, or ignore any head-hunting offers you may receive.
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Happy Holidays!
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